Dream Believe Ambigram An Ambigram is a truly unique style of lettering.  It combines two words into one, cohesive word.  It may look like one word, but flip it over and it says a completely different word (Like this image of Dream / Believe).

“How?” you might ask.  First, it takes a very talented artist with experience in typography to be able to form this amazing art.  

The world’s leader in Ambigram Tattoos the one and only Mark Palmer. Many have tried to imitate his work, but have failed.  With over 15 years of typography experience, Mark has used his extraordinary talent to create over 20,000 Ambigrams in the past years.  

Celebrities such as LeVar Burton, Tim Duncan, Jordan Farmar, Toryn Green, Mike Portnoy, Kristen Renton, Dee Snyder, and Deron Williams have inked Mark’s Ambigrams into their skin.  

Even large businesses have expressed interest and used Mark’s work such as Austrailian Gold, Jack and Jones Denim, Nike, Porsche, and Qwest.  

Mark has used his great success to start up Wow Tattoos, the source of all ambigram work done by him. 

Even after great success with Ambigram designs, Mark dreamed of something even bigger.  Thus Red Chapter was born.  The clothing company based in Orange County, California, has grown over the past couple years due to the creative artwork and innovative Ambigram designs.  

If looking for Ambigram artwork, there is no competition. Mark Palmer is the best choice there is.